At we can host your miner at one of our mining hosting locations. You can decide where you want to host your crypto miners. At our partner facilities, our support team will receive your miner. They will check it, install it, connect your wallet and power the miner on for you, but their work doesn’t stop there. They will take care of the maintenance of your miners, so that you can be sure that your miner is performing at maximum capacity.

The support team behind has years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency mining. You can trust that your miners will be in good hands once you send them to one of our crypto mining hosting locations. offers its mining hosting and colocation services in the following countries:

United States



So no matter where you are in the world, you can decide where you want your miner to be set up.

Miner Hosting in the USA has hosting partners in the United States of America. Your miner will be in professional hands at one of our mining hosting facilities.

Miner Hosting in China also has mining hosting and colocation partners in China. In China there is an abundance of electricity, and often this electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. Our price per kWh therefore is lower in China.

Keep in mind that due to strict customs requirements, sending your miner to China might be difficult. In case you don’t have a miner yet, you can find miners at which after ordering can be sent directly to one of our partner’s facilities in China.

Miner Hosting in Sweden

Lastly, has a partner in Sweden, Europe. Sweden is located north of the Netherlands. The country is well developed and has a good electrical and communication infrastructure. In Sweden, our mining hosting partner will take good care of your equipment so that you can be sure your miners will perform at their peak.